1. We have a really exciting opportunity for you to be a part of this August/September….

We are looking to pay trainees to contribute to an exciting research project titled: Active & Safe BC: Injury Prevention for Sport and Physical Activity funded by the BC Healthy Living Alliance.

Here are the details:
WHO: We need up to 20 trainees to conduct comprehensive literature reviews (Project 1) and a synthesis of this evidence (Project 2) by specific sport and recreational activities, related to evidence-informed practice in sport injury prevention.
WHAT: Through literature reviews (Project 1), we aim to identify evidence-informed practices, programs, policy recommendations and key educational materials and messages for the prevention of sport and recreational activities. These literature reviews will also include gathering evidence related to the implementation and evaluation of these initiatives.
In addition, trainees will take this information and synthesize it (Project 2) using a guided framework. This information will be used in an on-line training module/resource made available to the public. The resource will be used to guide decision making for a breadth of users in the implementation of sport and PA injury prevention programming.
WHEN: Project 1 will begin in late August/early September 2016 and continue until April, 2017. Project 2 will begin in May and continue to September, 2017.
WHERE: A research coordinator (who will manage project logistics and the day-to-day project management issues) and the project leads (scientific guidance) will provide trainees with the guidance and assistance they need throughout both projects. This will occur virtually via teleconference meetings, Skype meetings, and through regular email correspondence.
WHY: This project will provide trainees in injury prevention with the opportunity to work closely with sport and PA injury experts from across Canada (BC, Toronto, Calgary) and knowledge users and stakeholders from SportMedBC, the BC Recreation and Parks Association, viaSport, and Parachute. Trainees will be able to add critical skills such as comprehensive literature searching, evidence synthesis and dissemination to their CV through the activities directed in this project. Importantly, trainees will be considered for lead authorship on work relating to peer-reviewed publications from the specific literature reviews they lead. Perhaps equally as important, trainees will be paid for this position.
To express interest in attaining one of these positions, please contact the Chair of the CIPTN at We will correspond through email to see if you are a good fit for this position. 
Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you regarding this exciting opportunity!

2. Currently looking for someone who has experience in online module development! Contact us for more info!